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Posted on : August 13, 2019

We’ve all been there, counting down the days to a holiday where we can finally have some relaxation time. But what if you can never fully “switch off” because your mind is still in work mode?

A holiday is not a holiday when you’re constantly answering work calls, all while family members produce eye rolls at a rate of “too often” an hour.

You may find it difficult to stop yourself from answering them all-important business calls. Answering calls should, of course, be important to any business owner, but resolving to carry on dealing with them during a holiday can be counter-productive.

Think about it; you’re lying on the beach, cocktail in hand, and you receive a business call. Ultimately, you’re not prepared for the call or are in the focused mindset that you would be in work.

Taking calls when your focus is elsewhere could mean you provide a below-par service, and callers are often embarrassed to have interrupted your holiday. That important first connection is already off to a bad start.

“I’ll just send my calls to voicemail while I’m on holiday”

You may find peace on your holiday by letting your calls go to voicemail and dealing with the messages on your return. However, it’s worth remembering that 65% of people prefer to contact a business by phone against just 24% who would rather fill out an online form (Invoca).

If those calls go straight to voicemail, you’re risking a substantial amount of revenue. The average cost to UK SMEs of missing a customer call is £1230 (, so just providing an out-of-office message is not an option for a growing business.

“I must answer the calls during my holiday, it’s my business”

If you decide to don the hero cape and take calls while you’re away, apart from providing a less focussed service as we’ve already mentioned, what about the enquiries you miss because you’ve left your phone for five minutes, or someone has conveniently dropped it in the pool?

  • 85% of people whose calls aren’t answered will not call back (
  • 61% of consumers switch to competitors if they don’t get a response the first time they call (

We understand that you are protective over your business and even though you are on holiday, you want to ensure things are running smoothly. But answering business calls yourself is not the only option you have when you’re on holiday.

The benefits of outsourcing your calls during a holiday

According to, 38% of inbound calls are related to new business. By outsourcing your calls during a holiday it’s a win-win situation. You capture the all-important 38% but don’t have to waste your time with the remaining 62% which is a large percentage of your precious holiday time.

Sales calls can take up a large percentage of the calls you receive whilst you’re on holiday. Therefore not only are you not engaging with new business potential, but you are wasting time on unimportant calls.

Rather than wonder why you bother having a holiday, while you ferociously apply factor 50 and finally catch the dying rays of the day, you could very easily put your calls in the hands of SMARTStrat before you leave and not give those calls a second thought. You might even enjoy yourself!

The SMARTstrat holiday cover service

At SMARTstrat we work with our clients to offer seamless holiday cover for all calls received during their absence. Some clients like us to contact them when we receive particular types of enquiries, but not be bothered with unwanted sales calls (hurrah!) and anything that can wait until they’re back at work.

Whatever the requirements of the client, we work out a bespoke package in which we agree a handover process, how to handle enquiries, where the details should be emailed to and any other specific requirements.

The upshot is that no calls are missed. Instead, they are all answered in a professional, friendly manner. We focus on maintaining your reputation while you are away and delivering a seamless service.

Your customers will have no idea that you have outsourced your inbound calls, and you can get a well-earned break! Don’t take our word for it, have a look at the Home Page of our website to see what our existing clients think of our services.

For a bespoke package, get in touch so that we can discuss what you need. Don’t miss out on valuable business just because you want to recharge the batteries!

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