Why your business may need an out of hours telephone answering service

Posted on : April 12, 2018

Missed calls cost SMEs an average £1200 in lost revenue

Do you have any idea how many calls, and therefore genuine business opportunities, you miss when your business is closed? Did you know that 85% of customers will not call back* if their call goes unanswered?

The expectation of instant response continues to escalate, and calls missed simply because your business is closed are no doubt costing you dearly. If you don’t answer your calls out of hours, you can be assured that there is a competitor that does!

The SMARTstrat Virtual PA service handles overflow calls for business owners who understand the value of making sure every customer enquiry is answered during the working day. This is an invaluable service for SMEs. However, it’s when we handle calls out of their standard working hours that our clients realise how much revenue they’ve probably been missing whilst eating dinner, going to the gym or watching TV!

If you’re a B2C organisation, just think about how many potential customers still use the ‘phone to contact you. If they need your services quickly, they’re not going to sit down and compose an email, simply because they want a swift response. In fact, 65% of people prefer to contact a business by phone, against just 24% who prefer to go digital and fill out an online form*.

For B2B companies, your fellow business owner will expect that you eat, sleep and breathe your business just like they do! Managing expectations can become the fodder of the disillusioned; you need to take action. Don’t let them down, protect your brand and your company vision and simply respond.

Sometimes it takes some convincing that business is being lost out of hours. One of our clients was adamant that he wasn’t losing any leads whilst his business was closed. We offered to run a trial and he was astounded to find that 25 calls had been taken out of hours over a period of 2 weeks, netting him thousands of £s of additional revenue.

Research from 1600 SME decision makers found that, on average, a missed call can lose a small or medium business approximately £1200**, so a SMARTstrat PA package is a sensible investment. Packages, including Bank Holiday cover, start at just £30 a month. There are various packages available to deliver the service your business needs.

Our out of hours clients understand the value of a SMARTstrat Virtual PA package:

“We engaged the services of SMARTstratPA to take on our overflow calls so that we didn’t need to worry about periods when we were out of the office. However, it was when we also upgraded to their out of hours service that we were amazed by just how many new enquiries are taken on our behalf after 5pm and at weekends. This really has made a positive financial impact on our business. Prior to using this service, we rarely had anyone leaving a voicemail, so we must’ve been missing these important calls!” TJ Hopkins Ltd

If you would like to discuss your out of hours requirements, without obligation, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at, or better still why don’t you call us 01257 429677? We can guarantee we’ll answer your call!

*Windsor Telecom/**LinkedIn

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