5 ways call answering can help small business owners

Posted on : April 25, 2019

Did you know that 85% of customers will not call back if their call goes unanswered? Failing to answer the telephone can result in missed opportunities, financial loss, and disgruntled customers. If...

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Why is efficient call handling important on the first customer call?

Posted on : March 26, 2019

When a customer first calls a business, customer service is the first interaction they will experience. The importance of customer service has been stressed countless times in business, yet there are still...

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The outsource contact centre model; the call centre has moved on

Posted on : November 16, 2018

  The outsource contact centre model; the outsource call centre has moved on Contact centres and call centres are often confused. Many people mistakenly use the two phrases interchangeably due to a...

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Telephone Answering Services – How much do missed calls cost your business?

Posted on : October 12, 2018

Call answering service cost It is easy to think that a telephone answering service can simply remove the hassle of a ringing phone.  The constant noise of a phone interrupting your day...

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Why your business may need an out of hours telephone answering service

Posted on : April 12, 2018

Missed calls cost SMEs an average £1200 in lost revenue Do you have any idea how many calls, and therefore genuine business opportunities, you miss when your business is closed? Did you...

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New Website!

Posted on : July 26, 2016

Our website Here at SMARTstrat we have been working on the new site along side Identify Web Design and the final product is ready! We look forward to bringing you more posts...

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