Why is efficient call handling important on the first customer call?

Posted on : March 26, 2019

When a customer first calls a business, customer service is the first interaction they will experience. The importance of customer service has been stressed countless times in business, yet there are still poor practices in place that fail to keep customer service standards high.

The first call is arguably the most important call to your business, because not only does it establish a relationship, but it is your opportunity to satisfy the customer’s needs in an effective manner that retains their loyalty.

When you are providing support to customers, you want to ensure they feel appreciated and valued at every point of contact they make with your business.

So, what happens when the first call isn’t handled properly?

First impressions always count to the customer, so if you’re not readily available when the customer is, you could miss out. 85% of customers will not call back if their call goes unanswered, resulting in missed opportunities and potential sales for your business.

Let’s not forget the impact customer calls have on your business during busy periods. The hassle of a ringing phone can become stressful when you have a busy schedule and as a result, you may find yourself struggling to manage your calls. This can give the wrong impression to your customers if they can’t get through to you when they need you.

To ensure you always make the right first impression, call answering services can help to deliver a consistent high-level of customer service.

What are call answering services?

Call answering services are there to step in when you’re unable to take a call, ensuring that your prospective customer will be able to get through.

With fully briefed PAs ready and waiting, any call you can’t pick up is diverted to a team of PAs who can handle the calls in a professional and effective manner.

The benefits of implementing call answering services in your business are that you can create the ultimate first impression and improve your chances of acquiring repeat business.

You also can take time to relax knowing that your calls are being effectively managed with helpfulness and professionalism.

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