Expert Lead Management

Expert Lead Management

Smartstat Lead Management - Stack The Sales Odds In Your Favour

When it comes to sales – it’s true. You’re only as strong as your weakest point. For many businesses that weakness, the point where success becomes failure, where all the effort, energy and expense committed to winning new business comes undone, is in lead handling.

Calls unanswered, emails ignored, opportunity wasted. It’s amazing how many businesses think that simply winning a new lead is winning new business. It’s not. It’s just the beginning.

No Opportunity Wasted - Ever!

At Smartstrat our watertight 5-point lead management process makes sure that every single one of your hard won Facebook, Email or Telephone leads is properly qualified and expertly actioned. Whether that’s:

  • Engaging prospects on sales calls
  • Emailing information to prospects
  • Answering queries on social media
  • Sending texts
  • Routing sales calls to your sales teams
  • Adding prospect details to your CRM
  • Organising followup calls and meetings for your sales teams

Here For You

However you generate your new business Smartstrat lead-handling makes sure that every new business opportunity is yours to take. Always.

24 Hours a Day, Every Day

Imagine - all day, every day, from A to B to C to sale. It’s simple.

No more wasted ad budgets. No more red hot prospects turned cold. No more expensive ‘lost’ leads. Just more sales.

Smartstat Lead Management - Stack The Sales Odds In Your Favour

Now you can be absolutely certain that while you’re working hard to generate new leads, every lead you create now stands every chance of turning into brand new business.

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