How To Improve Time Management With A Call Answering Service

Posted on : October 4, 2019

Improve time management in the workplace to create more time and increase focus, helping you and your team to achieve more.

Implementing strategies to improve time management can not only help your business to grow and prosper, it can also improve employee job satisfaction.  Employees that are given the tools and training they require to manage their time better will find it easier to reach their goals and be more productive at work.

Benefits of effective time management are:

  • Helps you make more time in your day.
  • Aids focus and concentration.
  • Increases efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Happier and more fulfilled employees.
  • Allows you to progress and grow your business.

Call answering and time management

One key area of running a business that can have a very negative effect on time management is answering the telephone.

Whilst answering all incoming calls is absolutely essential, it can also be extremely time-consuming and disruptive.

One simple and effective way to instantly begin making improvements to your business’ time management is to enlist the help of a professional call answering service to pick up calls so that you and your team don’t have to.

Professional call answering services

A professional call answering service like the one we offer here at SMARTstrat ensures that all your business calls are answered swiftly and handled professionally without any distraction to you or your team.

Messages are then passed on by text or by email for you to deal with at a time that is convenient for you.

Call answering to reduce distraction and save time

Time management is all about working smarter and more efficiently to save time.

Using a call answering service can save you a huge amount of wasted time by taking a major task off your hands and reducing distraction in the workplace.

The telephone is most business’ biggest source of distraction. When your focus is constantly being broken by the sound of a ringing telephone it is difficult to retain concentration on any one task and this is when procrastination can creep in.

It is also difficult to do your best work when you’re not able to concentrate, resulting in sub-standard work and job dissatisfaction.

Constantly putting down a task to answer the telephone results in time wasted every time you pick the task back up again and have to refamiliarize yourself with where you were up to when you left off.

Choosing to outsource your business’ call answering to a professional call answering service is a flexible and cost-effective way of improving time management in the workplace.

Ready to start working smarter, discovering more hours in your day, and watching your business grow?

Here at SMARTstrat, our call answering packages start at just £30 and we offer a 7-day free trial. Give our team a call on 01257 429 677 to discuss your requirement in more detail or find out more about our service.

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