Overflow Call Handling

Why let a good call go to waste? If someone rings your business and you can’t answer, let our professional SMARTstrat overflow call handling take care of it for you.
Are You Overwhelmed by Call Handling Overflow?

Everyone likes to be busy, but what happens if your business gets too busy to manage all its incoming calls?

With an overflow call handling service, help is at hand.

How Does Overflow Call Handling Work?

When the pressure is on, how do you make sure you can answer every call, even if you’ve got a dedicated receptionist or call handling team?

Call handling with limited staff resources can end up feeling like spinning plates, and then one more call comes in and the whole system goes into gridlock.

There is a straightforward solution.

Overflow call handling call centre services work by supplementing the work your existing employees do, without disrupting their flow.

Effectively, it’s an outsourced system you can switch on when you need it, allowing those vital overflow calls to go through to dedicated, professional call centre operatives.

When you choose to use your overflow call handling service, your calls are diverted to our call centre, but for the caller, there will be no difference. It is as if your own in-house resources were handling calls.

This provides you with a ready resource for when your volume of calls increases beyond your normal capabilities.

Why Consider Overflow Call Handling for Your Company?

Growing a business requires a lot of effort but also means having right resources to handle more enquiries when they come in.

Otherwise, the danger is that you end up with too much on your plate and, in a worse-case scenario, you end up losing work.

What you want to be able to do is offer consistency in your call handling, regardless of the volume of calls you receive.

This can be difficult to achieve if you’re keeping firm control of your staffing budget. You don’t want to be overstaffed when you’re not busy, but at the same time, when there are peaks in activity, you need to be able to manage them.

However, this is about more than just coping with an increased workload.

Effective call handling is also about proactively engaging with enquiries, and using your call handling capability to help win new business and turn prospects into customers.

You therefore need a supplier you can trust when it comes to outsourcing your overflow call handling.

Benefits of Overflow Call Handling Services

These are flexible support services for your business.

We know that dealing with fluctuating demand while ensuring absolute consistency and a professional, on-brand approach can be hard to achieve.

The overflow call centre team is highly skilled in call handling, and will be fully familiar with your business, your values and your target audience of prospects and customers.

Overflow call centre services are a cost-effective solution because you only use them when you need them.

You won’t feel over-committed, but nor will you be under-resourced when those calls start coming in.

It is a form of seamless support, expanding your call handling capacity just when you most need it, and helping your business grow and thrive.

Enquiry Handling

When a potential customer takes the trouble to contact you, how they’re received and how the message they leave is handled will inevitably make the difference between a new order and lost business. It is crucial that all enquiries are handled to a high standard, especially for small business owners who are building a reputation for their brand. Time restrictions and budgets make it hard for small business owners to train their team in customer service, resulting in poor call handling and ultimately lost business. Don’t let your business suffer and hire professional call handlers to represent your business and manage customer enquiries. Using the SMARTstrat approach, we work with you to design a bespoke questionnaire to ensure we ask the right questions, so the caller believes they’re talking to your company. We’ll then ensure all the information you need is gathered and recorded in a way that fully explains the nature of the call, to enable you to prioritise your response. What you’ll get:
  • A FREE 7-day trial available
  • Packages starting from £49
  • Full enquiry details processed so you can take action immediately
For more information on our call answering services, call 01257 429677 or send an email to
Is there any latency?

There is no latency with calls diverted to our SMARTStrat overflow call-handling operatives. We offer businesses an opportunity to decide how many rings they would like before calls are diverted. Most opt for five because it provides them with time to answer in-house while not being too many that callers become discouraged and hang up. On average, eight out of 10 callers will not leave a voice message once an answerphone kicks in and they will likely hang up before then which is why we make sure calls are diverted without delay.

Do I need to purchase extra numbers?

At SMARTStrat, we will provide you with a divert telephone number as part of your overflow call package in order for us to take your calls directly. If you would like to find about more about our divert telephone numbers, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team who will be more than happy to answer any questions.

Can I set automatic diverts during busy periods?

During busier trading periods, you can set automatic diverts so all calls will be diverted to our team. You can decide when you want that to happen, changing those windows to suit your business’ needs. That ensures customers are never sat waiting in a queue for extended periods of time before being greeted by a member of staff that is under pressure. SMARTStrat’s overflow call-handling service helps empower businesses to focus on what they do best by automatically diverting calls to experienced and professional operatives when you’re at your busiest.

Do I get any data?

To ensure you never miss out on a potential lead, our team will email you straight away with any relevant information from the call, for example a  name, number and reason for them making contact. More detailed reports can also be requested so you can be sure you always have complete control of customer contact. We ensure our service integrates seamlessly with the rest of your operations so that you never have to worry about missing an important call.

Will they know that it’s a call centre?

At SMARTStrat, we represent your business which is why our team will ensure callers are not aware that they have been diverted to a call centre. Our team will be fully briefed on every aspect of your business to prepare them to handle telephone enquiries. Using their professionalism and in-depth understanding of your company, our operatives guarantee that each and every caller receives the highest standard of service and is left with a positive impression of your business.

Can I give you a script to use?

We understand that brand consistency is key, which is why we are more than happy for our team to use a script provided by your business. SMARTStrat’s overflow call-handling service can be customised to suit the needs of your firm, from using personalised greetings, inserting promotional messages into scripts or even upselling products and services. Our operatives will answer each call according to the script, providing insightful and helpful responses to each caller. Whether it is a customer service, sales or out-of-hours call, our SMARTStrat team will be prepared to work as an extension of your business.

What’s the point of a call answering service?

Research from Google’s ‘Click to Call’ demonstrates that 59 per cent of customers prefer to call businesses because they want a quick answer and 57 per cent do so because they want to speak to a real person. Despite living in an increasingly digital age, studies show that customers still prefer to call businesses rather than send an email or use social media. Emails often go unread and messages over social media can be misconstrued, while talking on the phone to a human being provides clarity and makes customers feel valued.

Ensuring customers are able to reach you without having to be on the phone for long periods of time is key to their satisfaction. If your team is already under intense pressure and inundated with phone calls, they may fail to answer the phone in a reasonable time and more importantly, they may not remain calm and professional in a stressful situation.

First impressions are key, and one curt conversation or a long wait for the phone to be answered can create a poor lasting impression. Did you know that 24 per cent of customers who had a good first impression are likely to remain loyal for up to two years? Meanwhile 95 per cent who had a bad experience will share as much with others and won’t contact your business again. Overflow call handling is essential to ensuring every customer receives a high-quality service that accurately represents your business. Each call will be answered in a timely manner and using a friendly tone, professionalism and knowledge of your operation.

Why is it better than a voicemail?

On average, 80 per cent of callers don’t leave a message when greeted by a voicemail and would rather hang up- according to research from Forbes Magazine. Many callers believe that if a business isn’t available to answer their call, their voicemail is unlikely to be heard and, more worryingly, they are far less likely to try again. BT Business revealed that most customers will only call twice before taking their business elsewhere and around 20 per cent wont even bother to make a second call if you don’t answer the first time. Voicemail is quickly becoming an outdated call function that in many ways leaves businesses at a distinct disadvantage.

Overflow call handling ensures every caller is met with a friendly, professional and most importantly, helpful operative who can answer any queries and take messages on behalf of your business. Putting provisions in place for your customers to reach you even when your staff are unable to will boost not only your customer’s trust but also your business’ profits.

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