PAYG Customer Service Model

The new service from SMARTSTRAT, a new model in customer service.
A New Model In Customer Service

You know the story – too few staff to properly handle customer service enquiries when business is going crazy. Too many staff sat idle when you’re quiet.

And you’ll know too how damaging that can be to your reputation and to your bottom line. The frustrating and unpredictable seasonal or campaign recruitment merry-go-round.

What if you didn’t have to continually worry about being under or over staffed? Or upsetting customers with slow or inefficient query handling? Or paying expensive monthly retainers to external customer service support teams as you try to plug the service gaps?

What if you only paid per customer service action? Per social media query solved, email answered, call taken, online chat handled?

It’s called PAYG Customer Service from Smartstrat.

Precision Billing

Instead of having to continually recruit and train new temps, replace burnt out customer service specialists. And instead of somehow trying to predict contact volumes (and the staff numbers to handle them) now every customer query is instantly handled by a member of our skilled, fully trained, customer support team - on demand.

A Predictability That Means Profitability

So when one of our clients enjoys a 10x summer sales boost they can be absolutely sure that every customer enquiry is properly handled.

At the same time they can rest easy in the winter knowing that they’re not stuck on an expensive retainer while business has temporarily slowed.

And ALL the time they can be sure that their customers are in the safest of hands.

Predictable and profitable customer service

Enhanced Customer Support

And because our teams are intimately familiar with your customer services, your support also includes a huge range of advanced services such as:

Price matching
Handling delivery enquiries
Liaising with couriers
Scheduling returns
Organising customer refunds
Advising on stock availability

Your outsourced in-house team. Whatever your business and whatever your processes, we’ll take care of them.

How much would higher quality, lower cost PAYG customer service overflow help you grow your business?

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