Telemarketing Wigan

Telemarketing Wigan

At SMARTstrat, we don’t just work for our clients in Wigan, we become them. By the time we’re making calls for you, we’ll be invisible.

At SMARTstrat, we don’t just work for our clients we become them. By the time we’re making calls for you, we’ll be invisible. We’ll know your company inside out. Its business, its aims – its voice. We will be you.

Our expert Wigan based team will conduct your telemarketing but, as far as your potential customers are concerned, they will be talking to you.

And it works. Our clients get good quantity and quality leads and appointments as a result, and come back time and again for more.

How do we do it? Well, SMARTstrat believes the calls we make are the culmination, not beginning, of our service. Our success is based on the unique preparation we undertake first, for each and every client.

Client Research

This is the foundation of SMARTstrat’s approach. MD Nicki Gallet uses her knowledge, as a business owner and psychology graduate, to get under the skin of your company. She and her team find out what makes you tick and how to present your USPs to potential customers effectively.

Tailored Scripts

Armed with our research, we personally write a bespoke telemarketing script for your company. SMARTstrat guarantees each client’s is unique, tailored to your needs. We then work with you, tweaking and polishing your script to ensure it’s a perfect fit. Job satisfaction for us is when a client says: “You get it, don’t you. You get what we do.”

Hand picked calling team

The script is then given to our hand picked team in the SMARTstrat office to make the calls. Be assured, we never outsource this crucial task. We can supply a database of contacts for calls, or you can purchase your own and supply us and We can also clean up your existing data before the campaign begins.

Campaign management

Our telemarketing campaign team knows exactly what to do. They will establish a rapport and build relationships with potential customers, book in leads and appointments and help keep leads warm, preparing the ground positively for subsequent appointments. Your designated Account Manager will guide you through the campaign process and support you throughout your sales cycle.

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