Telephone Call Answering Services – An Advantage at Every Level of Business

Posted on : May 11, 2020

You’ve all heard the saying that “First Impressions Count”, well that’s true, regardless of the type and size of your business. In almost every customer satisfaction survey every taken (while allowing for some poetic license), one of the main reasons given for being satisfied with a business is…the ability to make contact when required.

This is why we offer a variety of Telephone Call Answering Services to businesses across the UK. Why do we do this? Simple, we give you back the time to focus on the other aspects of your business.

We get it, some people might still be skeptical about outsourcing their call answering services to companies such as SmartStrat, after all who is better to speak to your customers than you – but in the next 5 minutes we want to explain to you why letting us handling your calls makes complete sense.

Creates A Professional Look
A professional look is a must to gain an advantage over your competitors and should be a key aspect of your brand identity. The latest research shows that a potential customer will make their first impression within 7 seconds, so what happens if they have trouble getting through, or worse, no answer. We’re not going to question that your in-house team are the best people to take care of your customer’s needs, of course they are. However, what happens when they’re sick, or they’re having to spend time away from the phones with other responsibilities. Even if the reasons are genuine, as far as the person on the other end of the phone is concerned, your business will look unprofessional, and you could be losing customers.

At SmartStrat, we solve this problem. Our team are trained to give the impression that they are one of your team, in your office, answering calls…just for you. We create the positive impression that your business deserves. We offer a range of packages from a full telephone answering service, to only “switching on” at the times you “switch off”.

You’ll never miss a Sales Call again
If you’re a sole trader, it’s highly likely that you have to keep on top of everything – Fulfillment, Sales Meetings, Finances, Marketing, working hard to grow your business. Who takes care of incoming new business and customer service in your absence? A telephone answering service can be there to make sure you never miss an opportunity. Moreover, you decide how far you want that service to go. If you’re simply looking for someone to take calls, take details and forward them on to you to reply…that’s fine. If you want someone who can work to your sales script… that’s also fine. Our experience of working with businesses of all sizes, mean we can design a solution to fit you.

Save Your Money
Small businesses find it hard to hire an in-house team due to restricted budget and the concerns that their finances may not remain steady enough to keep someone in employment. Hiring people for the right role at the right time, is a key aspect of growing your business. If your plan is to make enough sales to warrant staff, a telephone answering service could provide an excellent interim service for you. Think of the benefits – little to no training involved on your part, contracts you can increase and decrease as required, and someone to make sure every potential customer is spoken to. There will be no sick leave and once you’re in the position to bring in the staff you desire, we can help with a professional handover of services.

Capture New Leads
Leads are the lifeblood of any business, if the leads aren’t coming in, the pipeline will eventually run dry. We’d add another layer onto that. When the leads do come in, are they being handled quickly, purposefully, and with conversion in mind?

Regardless of the size of your business, we only ever handle calls according to your script. We take the time to learn about your business and if needed qualify leads before they make their way to you. It’s not unusual for potential customers to ask questions, and we’re more than happy to field them. That’s why SmartStrat works hard to understand your business, so that only the most technical of questions need to be sent in your direction. How does that sound, only having to take the calls from people who have decided they’re serious about buying from you?

Enough Time to Focus on the Growth
Spending all your time answering calls, speaking to customers (old and new) as well as fielding prospects can be exhausting, but more importantly leaves you little time to focus on business growth. As a business owner, you want to developing new strategies and revenue streams, and constantly stopping to take business calls can be a drain on your productiveness. Hiring a telephone answering service gives you more time to “work on the business, rather than in the business”. Cliché, we know, but it’s true. However, we will also agree with you in advance, what constitutes an important call, and will filter them through for you. Our role is to make your life simpler, and let you focus on the parts of your business which require your expertise.

This service works for businesses ranging from sole-traders to Chief execs, anyone who would benefit from more focused time and less distractions.

Friendly Customer Service
One of the key benefits of a Telephone Answering Service is you can always guarantee friendly customer service. Our call handlers are well trained professionals and won’t have an “off-day”. We monitor our calls closely to ensure that our standards (and yours) are being adhered to, meaning your customers and prospects, will always have a first class experience. Whether you receive 10 calls a day, or 100 a day, our aim is for every one of those to be delivered to our incredibly high standards.

Take Orders in Off Days
A telephone call answering service can always be available, even in off days. When all your staff will be relaxing on an off day, the answering service will manage the calls, take orders, and will answer your customers. It will generate revenue when your office is closed.

In conclusion, a telephone call answering service can either compliment, or even replace the need for, an in-house team without hurting your budget. Our Call Handlers are well-trained and thoroughly experienced to give your customers a positive and knowledgeable response, regardless of the type of business. They will sound professional and friendly, which will help to win the trust of your potential customers and allow you to get on with what you’re good at…growing your business.

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