The Key Benefits of Outsourcing: A Seven Step Guide

Posted on : August 5, 2020

In the past, nearly all of a business’ functions would have taken place in-house; be it marketing, business planning, sales, design, communications or HR, a company would hire staff to work for them, and for them only.

However, as the business world has evolved, so have the means of operation. The idea of all job roles being carried out under one roof is, in many sectors, now somewhat archaic; outsourcing specific tasks and responsibilities in a bid to save money, enhance productivity and increase levels of performance is now the norm.

As organisations look forward to the post-Covid era, following the lifting of furlough schemes and the reopening of offices, the idea of outsourcing certain aspects may begin to raise its head, and with regard to call centres that is certainly going to be the case.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at seven of the key benefits associated with outsourcing call centre services.

1. Ability to upscale and downscale to match caller behaviour

There are numerous things – new marketing campaigns, updated offers, specific times of the day or year – that could mean call volumes increase or decrease. This can be difficult to deal with in-house, especially with a team that has a fixed number of employees; a call centre will have knowledge and experience that can ensure call numbers cannot only be adequately dealt with, but can be predicted ahead of time.

2. An array of solutions to match your needs

While the term ‘call centre’ has traditionally referred to the answering of phones, the solutions offered by call centres have evolved over time so as to align with the requirements of their clients. So, while the offering may still include dealing with calls, it could also involve speaking with consumers via social media channels, making use of live chat features, or answering emails. And, what’s more, there are many call centres, such as SmartStrat, who pride themselves on offering a 24/7 service, meaning response times are usually immediate, a key factor in improving your conversion rates.

3. An enhanced ability to retain your customers

Many organisations continually focus on finding and bringing in new customers, and while this is necessary if a business is to grow, it is also essential to keep current customers happy. Nearly all sectors and industries are becoming more competitive, with businesses willing to undercut their competitors to gain a market share, and so being able to treat current customers with respect and showing how much you value their custom can make a huge difference.

4. The capacity to boost your brand’s reputation

As well as being able to keep current consumers happy, making your communications and customer services more efficient, reliable and effective can massively bolster how your company is perceived by the public at large. If your customers feel that you are making a point of looking after them and you are taking their complaints, comments or queries seriously, they will know that you are an organisation that can be trusted, and this will ultimately encourage more people to deal with you.

5. Significant cost and time savings

One of the primary benefits associated with outsourcing – regardless of what it is that is being outsourced – is that it can save businesses a lot of money. The costs associated with setting up a bespoke internal call centre specifically to handle customer service requests can be huge, and training up employees, building a reliable team and getting fully up to speed could take months, if not years. Outsourcing means that all customer service requests can be handled immediately and by people who know exactly what they are doing without the need for an exhaustive set-up period.

6. Continual improvements and enhancements over time

The longer your business deals with the same call centre, the more capable they will become with regard to understanding the needs of your consumers, when calls, complaints or questions are most likely to arrive, and what sort of problems keep cropping up time and again. This information can then be relayed back to the business so that it can alter or amend processes or products as suits.

7. The ability to make use of new technologies and approaches without investment

Something that is incredibly valuable to businesses with reference specifically to outsourcing is that they are able to take advantage of updated and enhanced technologies and data utilisation methods and approaches, all without the need to invest the company’s own money in acquiring software. Whether it be more reliable web chat platforms, advanced cloud-based solutions or VoIP systems, call centres are constantly refining their offering so as to retain businesses as consumers and to provide a more valuable service.

Want to know more about the benefits of using a call centre such as SmartStrat, or how outsourcing is liable to play a large role in the restructuring of businesses post-Covid? Get in touch today.

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