At SMARTstrat, we use our expertise to conduct excellent telemarketing campaigns for you – but we can also show you how to do it yourself.
Telemarketing and Sales Training

If you don’t like the idea of selling, that’s not a problem, because the secret to our success is that we don’t sell. Instead we show you how to use dialogue to establish a rapport and relationship with a potential customer which can lead to a productive first meeting.

How it all works

Our route to conversion is a planned and structured process but it won’t feel like that to the people receiving your calls, because of our approach.

SMARTstrat offers a thorough training programme for you and your team with follow-up on-site coaching to review results and improve conversion still further.

Sales Support

In addition to telemarketing and sales training we offer tailored support for your field sales teams. This includes the planning and preparation of meeting strategy and approach plus the development of presentation materials.

We also offer a premium service which includes business development support for your key account managers at crucial new business meetings.

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Our clients are usually growing companies, each day juggling stock management, business development, marketing, finance and much more.
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