Virtual PA Wigan

At SMARTstratPA we don’t just work for your business, we become your business.

Telephone Answering Wigan

When you receive a call it will be automatically diverted to our SMARTstratPA team based in Wigan. Our fully trained, friendly PA’s will know your business and answer the call as your business. Our personality and professionalism will ensure your caller is dealt with efficiently and positively as if it were a member of your own team

Calls can then be transferred through to your team or a message can be taken. Messages will be passed on in whatever format we agree and we will ensure all messages are detailed and clear to save you time.

  • Never miss a call
  • Holiday cover
  • Peak time cover
  • Sickness cover
  • Diary management
  • Appointment setting
  • Order lines and order processing
  • Out of hours cover

Handling Customer Enquiries

How an enquiry is received and how a message is taken often makes the difference between winning and losing an order. Someone has taken the time to call you, make sure they have the best experience they can.

We are not a call centre, our friendly Wigan based team, will work with you to design the right response for your business and we will ensure it is executed perfectly every time. As far as the caller is concerned, they will be talking to your company. We will then ensure all the information is gathered in a way that explains fully what the caller requires so you can make the best response possible.

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Our clients are usually growing companies, each day juggling stock management, business development, marketing, finance and much more.
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