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Outsource your office tasks to a SMARTstrat Virtual PA and focus on growing your business

Time is precious, and so is your business. Getting bogged down in mundane administration, call handling and daily time-consuming tasks takes you away from the strategic needs of your business.

SMARTstrat offer a Virtual PA service that allows our clients to use their own skills and time more effectively. It takes away the burden of the fixed costs associated with employing personnel and sourcing office equipment. We can do as little or as much as is required, even if this changes on a daily basis.

There should be no such thing as being too busy!

The benefits of outsourcing your general office tasks to SMARTstrat include:

  • More time to deal with the complex challenges of your business
  • Less time banging your head against the administration wall
  • More flexibility knowing that your calls are being answered
  • Less stress worrying about responding to enquiries
  • More profit on your bottom line due to improved efficiencies and no employment costs
  • Fewer instances of lost revenue due to a lack of response to enquiries and customer care

SMARTstrat can offer the following Virtual PA services:

  • Call answering
  • Enquiry handling
  • Administration
  • Bookkeeping / invoicing
  • Transcription
  • Typing / data entry
  • Email handling
  • Web enquiry handling
  • Web chat handling
  • Credit Control
  • Social Media

If the service you need isn’t listed, let us know what you’re looking for and we will do all we can to help.

Don’t lose customers simply because you’re too busy. Get in touch with SMARTstrat to find out how we can help.


  • What does a virtual PA do?
    A Virtual PA is an individual able to provide a range of support services to a business from a remote location.
    They can complete as many, if not more, tasks than in-person support staff.
    These may include answering calls, managing enquiries, running a social media account, invoicing, bookkeeping, responding to email or web enquiries, data entry, credit control, transcription and general administration.
    Virtual PA’s are used by businesses of all sizes to provide additional support with specific tasks.
  • Is it worth hiring a virtual assistant?
    In short, yes.
    A Virtual PA can help you grow a business, giving you time to focus on what matters.
    Outsourcing these tasks provides you with more time to focus on the most important and complex elements of your work and requires less to be spent worrying about administrative jobs.
    Virtual PAs will ensure you never miss a call or online enquiry, not only increasing efficiency but also potentially your profits.
    Unlike regular support staff, Virtual PAs reduce employment costs dramatically compared to a fixed cost associated with permanent employees.
    Typically, you would have to pay for office space, relevant equipment such as computers and phones, furniture as well as additional tax.
    With a virtual PA working from a remote location, you won’t have to worry about any of those.
    Hiring full-time staff in an SME can also be difficult when, of the 40 hours they are contracted to work each week, you may only need them for 10.
    Virtual PAs can be more flexible, working as and when you need them.
    That flexibility can quickly become an asset to your business.
    They can adjust their working hours to match your schedule, maximising performance and productivity.
    A Virtual PA can often complete a task within 24 hours, ensuring it is done to a high standard.
  • What is the best virtual assistant company?
    At SMARTstrat, we are proud to offer a comprehensive Virtual PA service that encourages our clients to use their time efficiently while they grow their business.
    We provide a wide range of Virtual PA services, from call answering to social media management, and will do our best to accommodate additional extras that you believe you need.
    Our team’s members are trained, and each one is assigned to your business according to the service you require and their area of expertise.
    We are committed to providing every client with a professional, seamless service that is affordable and offers value for money.
  • Who hires virtual assistants?
    Virtual PAs are a cost-effective solution chosen by entrepreneurs as well as SMEs.
    If you own an SME, whether just starting out or looking to expand, you will understand the pressure associated with keeping on top of everyday administration.
    Hiring in-house office staff may not be financially viable, which is why many choose to outsource to a Virtual PA.
    Anyone looking to prioritise where they allocate time and attention recognises the value of a Virtual PA.
    Tasks such as answering phone calls, responding to online enquiries, sending emails, managing your social media accounts and other administrative duties can all be managed remotely.
    Virtual PAs are professionals skilled in a wide variety of areas and can lighten your workload at the same time as increasing productivity.
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