Why You Should Outsource Your Calls To A Virtual PA

Posted on : August 5, 2019

Why pay someone else to answer your business calls when it’s a job you can do yourself?

Many business owners are guilty of stretching themselves or their small team too thin. This can reduce productivity and slow business growth.

In some cases, it can also lead to many calls going unanswered, because when a business is very small, there simply isn’t always someone available to answer the phone. And lost calls mean lost business.

Whilst call answering is an extremely important job, it is nonetheless often a very time-consuming and repetitive one too.

Outsourcing your call answering and enquiry handling to a virtual assistant ensures that customers always have a friendly point of contact for those times when you or your team can’t get to the phone.

Here are six reasons why you should consider outsourcing your calls to a Virtual PA.

Stop missing opportunities and losing money

Missing business calls negatively affects your bottom line. Many potential customers will never bother to call back again if you don’t pick up, and existing customers may become frustrated by your lack of customer support.

Appear larger and more established

If you’re a very small business or a sole trader, having a virtual assistant answer your calls can give the appearance of a more established business. This can help to improve your credibility and foster the trust you need to win new business.


Virtual assistants provide flexible services that can be tailored to suit your budget and requirements.  Whether you require full-time call answering support, or ad-hoc help during busy periods, a virtual assistant can help take the pressure off you.


If you require call answering support but can’t yet justify the expense and commitment associated with hiring a full-time member of staff, then a virtual assistant is a cost-effective alternative. When you choose a virtual assistant, you don’t only benefit financially from the flexibility of the service, but also from the reduction in overheads when compared with an in-office employee. Using a virtual assistant instead of employing a new member of staff will help you to save on agency fees, job advertising expenses, bonuses and holiday pay, training expenses, equipment and materials, office space, and overheads like electricity and water.

Grow your business

If you’re constantly being disrupted by the telephone and spend a large portion of your day answering telephone enquiries then you may struggle to find the time for the important planning and projects that will help to grow your business. Outsource your call answering to a virtual assistant to start clawing back your time.

Peace of mind

Running your own business can be stressful, especially if you’re doing it all alone. Outsourcing your call answering to a virtual assistant offers peace of mind that your calls will always be picked up and are being handled by a professional.

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